How to use Tiktok for real estate lead generation


Post videos of your listings

In addition to posting your listing, you can also post videos of your property. These videos will help potential buyers learn more about the features of the property and where it is located. They’ll also give you an opportunity to show off all of the features of your listing in one place, which makes it easy for potential buyers who are interested in seeing what they’re buying before they decide on a purchase decision.

Post videos of you and the community

  • Show the community you live and work in
  • People want to see the people they are buying from, so show them. You can post videos of yourself and your home or business, or even better — you could do a virtual tour of your neighborhood! The more personal touch it has, the better.

Create a TikTok Challenge

To create a TikTok Challenge, follow these steps:

  • Choose a hashtag that is relevant to your business. If you’re targeting millennials, for example, choose #millennialmarketing or #millenialsocialmedia.
  • Create an ad that has a specific hashtag in it and post it on TikTok (or any other social media channel). For example, if you want people to know about your new webinar series but don’t have time to create a full-length video advertisement at the moment — create just one short video showing off what makes those webinars so special! Then post this clip onto Instagram or Facebook with your brand’s name and description as tags. You can also add some text underneath explaining why people should come learn more about them (i.e., “We help small businesses grow faster by offering affordable workshops”).

Create a TikTok Hashtag

  • Create a hashtag for your listing.
  • Use the hashtag in your description.
  • Use the hashtag in your video.
  • Use the hashtag in your bio.
  • Use it wherever else you can think of to include it! You can also use this as an opportunity to shout out about other things you are doing related to real estate, such as hosting open houses or promoting monthly meetups at one of your favorite bars nearby (if there are any).

Use Ad Tools to Boost Your Reach

Use the ad tools to boost your reach.

Tiktok can be an easy way to generate leads for your business.

  • Generating leads for your business by creating videos about what you do and who you are
  • Getting people involved in your brand by asking them questions or having them share their opinion on something you’re doing or promoting


In this article we’ve shown you how to use Tiktok for real estate lead generation. You can use it to post videos of your listings, videos of you and the community, create a TikTok Challenge, and more. We hope these tips will help you get started with your own business!



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