How to register xm forex

  1. Opening an account with XM
  2. Your first step to online investment starts from the account opening. To open an account with XM, you just need to fill in some required fields in the registration page, and answer some questions asked by XM.
  3. Receive account details and login credentials
  4. Once the account opening process is completed, you will receive XM account details and login credentials to your email address from XM. These information are the key to access XM’s MT4 and MT5 trading platforms and also to XM’s members area for account management.
  5. Download MT4 or MT5 from XM Official Website
  6. XM’s MT4 and MT5 platforms are the applications you will need to trade. Through XM’s MT4 and MT5 platforms, you can access and invest in over 1000 financial markets. XM’s MT4 and MT5 platforms can be downloaded to Windows, MAC, iPhone, iPad an Android devices. The download links for the apps can be found in XM Official Website.
  7. Make a deposit
  8. To start trading online, you must make a deposit to XM. XM has prepared many methods which you can use to transfer your investment fund without any fees. You may transfer investment fund to XM, but not more than you can afford to lose. (that is always the rule of investment)
  9. Start trading with XM
  10. You have already downloaded XM’s MT4 or MT5 platforms. Now you only have to login to your account on MT4 or MT5, and you can start trading. Any financial markets you like to invest online, you will find them all in XM’s MT4 or MT5.
  • Fantastic bonus system with ordinary updates of new bonus types
  • Strong regulation and good reputation
  • Great customer support services
  • Strict NO re-quotes
  • Efficient and fast trade execution of each trade
  • Good leverage of 1:30 for clients registered under the EU regulated entity of the Group. Leverage depends on the financial instrument traded.



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